Optimum Childhood Development

Play-based and        Nature-Focused

Our program at Reach for the Sky believes nature is one of the best tools for a child’s healthy growth and development. We are play based and nature focused; always passionate to see children grow in their knowledge and wonder of the great outdoors while striving to create learning opportunities every day!

We provide children with the opportunity to learn about our environment and how to care for it under the careful and fun guidance of educated staff.

There are many benefits to a child’s development when they spend time outdoors.

Physical. From getting great exercise to building coordination, children spending time in the outdoors increases health, decreases obesity and it also helps aid a good night’s sleep. 

Mental. Children are experiencing record levels of stress and tension and statistics show that those who spend time outside, have a better balance. 

Creativity. Being outside stimulates a child’s sense of creativity and imagination. The outdoors provides space for children to wonder and create without screen time. 

Community. With feelings of depression and isolation increasing among BC children, providing outdoor activities with other kids fosters both community and social connection.